2017 Dane County Farmers’ Markets

If you are trying to make it to the farmers’ market in your area before the summer is over, here is what you need to know!

Here is a list of all the farmers’ market in Dane County!

City Location Address Day Times When
Black Earth Shoe Box Parking Lot Hwy 14 & Mill St Wednesday 3:30-6:30 pm June-September
Cambridge Veterans Park 100 E Main St Friday 8-noon May-October
Cross Plains Parkway Market 1680 Main St Wednesday 4-7 pm June-September
DeForest Firemen’s Park Stevenson & Jefferson St Tuesday 3-6 pm May-October
Fitchburg Agora Pavilion 5511 E Cheryl Pkwy Thursday 3-6 pm May-October
Madison City County Building 200 Martin Luther King Jr Wednesday 8:30 am-2 pm April-November
  Capitol Square Downtown Saturday 6am-2 pm April-November
East Central Park 202 Ingersoll St Tuesday 4-7 pm April-October
  Capital View N Star & Gemini Dr Wednesday 3-7 pm June-October
North Northside Town Center 2817 Sherman Ave Sunday 8:30-12:30 pm May-October
South Labor Temple 1602 S Park St Tuesday Sunday 2-6 pm

11 am – 3 pm


April – October

  Novation Campus 2500 Rimrock Rd Mon & Wed 2-6 pm June-October
West Edgewood College 2219 Monroe St Sunday 9 am-1 pm May-October
  Hill Farms University & University Row Saturday 7 am – 12:30 pm May-October
  Hilldale Shopping Ctr N Segoe Rd W & Sat 7 am – 1 pm May-October
McFarland McFarland Center 5100 Farewell St Thursday 2-6 pm May-October
Middleton Capital Brewery 7734 Terrace Ave Tuesday 2:30-6pm June-October
Middleton Greenway Station Ctr Greenway & Deming Way Thursday 8 am – 1 pm May-October
Monona Ahuska Park 400 E Broadway Sunday 9 am – 1 pm May-October
Mt Horeb Downtown 300 E Main St Thursday 3-6:30 pm May-October
Oregon Dorn Parking Lot N Main St & W Richards Tuesday 2-6 pm May-October
Stoughton Plaza Shopping Ctr 1050 W Main St Friday 7 am – 1 pm May-October
Sun Prairie City Hall Parking Lot 300 E Main St Saturday 7 am – noon May 7-October
Sun Prairie W Main Shopping Ctr 956 W Main St Tuesday 2:30-6 pm May 10-October 25
Waunakee Waun-A-Bowl 301 E S Century Ave Wednesday 3-6 pm May-October



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