8 Ways To Meet Your Neighbors After You’ve Just Moved In

New to Your Home? Here’s How to Get to Know Your Neighbors!

While moving to an unfamiliar area and being new to your home can seem overwhelming, the best way to get over this hump is to get to know your neighbors. To help you establish comfort in your new area, we’ve put together a list of 10 great ways for you to meet your neighbors after you’ve moved in.

1. Be Proactive

Yes, you probably have a laundry list of tasks – things to unpack, items to find, cleaning supplies to hunt down – but be proactive, and meet your neighbors! Even a simple wave or a driveway introduction allows you to become a familiar face, and this will help you approach your new neighbors more easily when the task list starts to clear up.

2. Deliver Baked Goods

An old fashioned gesture that stands the test of time, delivering baked goods with a simple note is a great way to reach out to your neighbors. By showing that you care about your neighbors, you’re developing positive associations that will go a long way in building relationships. Besides, who can resist home baked pie or chai cookies this time of year?


3. Host an Event

Whether it’s an elaborate house party or a simple porch soiree, hosting an event at your home is another great way to meet new neighbors. Give your neighbors a week or two notice, then invite your guests over to enjoy appetizers and drinks. Add a little music, maybe a fire, and your party will be a hit!

4. Ask Questions

Another great way to get to know your new neighbors is to ask questions. This may seem simple, and it is, but it’s often overlooked. If you don’t want to be too personal, ask for a restaurant recommendation or for directions to a nearby area. Questions show you value their thought, and they’ll help you get to know your new home area.

5. Build a Rapport

According to the Benjamin Franklin effect (a psychological phenomenon), performing a favor for someone often results in liking that person. Here’s why: people tend to justify kind actions by assuming the person who received the favor is liked and deserving of the favor.

So follow this counter-intuitive logic by creating opportunities for your neighbors to do something kind for you. A couple ideas? Ask a neighbor to check your mail while you’re on vacation, or to park in your driveway while you’re away to keep your home safe. You’ll get to know one another, and you’ll establish a positive rapport.

6. Get Involved in the Community

The best way to get to know your neighbors? Dive in and devote your time to making where you live a place that all of you can continue to enjoy. Is there a homeowners’ association? A local food co-op? Ask around, and find out where you can volunteer to immerse yourself in your new neighborhood as you meet other locals.

7. Leave Your Comfort Zone

It may seem overwhelming at first, but it’s important. Leave your comfort zone. Get lost. As a neighbor for directions. The kindness and the directions you receive just might surprise you.

8. Set Up a Playdate

An easy way to break the ice? Set up a playdate! Scope out the neighborhood, and if you notice a neighbor with kids of ages similar to your own, ask about informal playdate. Offer to host, keep snacks at the ready, at cap it at an hour, and your playdate is sure to be a hit.


Take Action, Get Introduced

Moving to a new home brings exciting new changes, including new neighbors. So go ahead, pick whichever introductory tip feels most comfortable for you, and get to know your new neighbors today!


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