Prepare Your Home for the Winter

  • Add a second layer of insulation to your attic. If your house is relatively new, it probably conforms. If not, consider adding insulation.
  • Caulk around window and door glass and trim, and all exterior trim. Install or replace weather stripping on all doors and windows.
  • Install storm windows and doors if you don’t have them. Consider purchasing storm windows if you have older windows that are not made from modern insulation glass.
  • Have your heating system checked by all licensed heating/air-conditioning professional. Most furnace manufacturers recommend at least annual inspections.
  • Drain and shut off outdoor faucets. Insulate and water pipes exposed to freezing cold.
  • Have your chimneys inspected by a chimney service and, if necessary, cleaned, if you did not do so in the summer.
  • Trim trees away from the house. Have dead trees and branches removed removed by professional tree trimmers.

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