Reasons Why Fall is the Best Time to Buy a New Home

  1. Lower home prices – The best month to snag a deal when buying a home? October. This isn’t just some random guess; it’s based on RealtyTrac’s analysis of more than 32 million home sales over 15 years. The resulting data showed that on average, October buyers paid 2.6%below estimated market value at the time for their homes.
  2. Less competition – “Many folks will drop out of the market until after the new year,” says Bill Golden, giving a fall buyer even greater room to roam at open houses.
  3. The holidays are around the corner –  If sellers want to move and settle down in time to host Thanksgiving and put up their Christmas lights, they’ll have to close, fast.
  4. Year-end tax credits –  Come the following April 15, you might be able to take some nice tax deductions, including closing costs, property tax, and mortgage interest, to offset your taxable earnings.
  5. Home improvement bargains – according to Consumer Reports, December is the best time to buy new appliances, which is right around the corner!

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